Graphite impellers for aluminum foundries

Use of graphite impellers for aluminum degassing

One of the most important processes of refining aluminum alloys is degassing - the extraction of hydrogen which creates internal defects and porosity.
The degassing is achieved by blowing and saturating the aluminum melt with an inert gas (the most often, argon or chlorine), which comes to the surface reacting with hydrogen.

Consumable tools for degassing are graphite impellers. Plunging into the aluminum melt, they create a channel for supplying inert gas to the depth of the ladle and, with the help of a rotating rotor, distribute gas bubbles throughout its volume.

EuroGraphite products - high-quality graphite impellers are provided with the following characteristics:

- Increased resistance to thermochemical stresses is achieved by using special types of graphite and the technology of vacuum impregnation of parts with antioxidants;
- The design of the impellers and the parameters of their rotation create the necessary structure of gas bubbles that enter into diffusion with hydrogen, turbulence, circulation, depending on the requirements of the technological process.

Products of EuroGraphite

Graphite stators and shafts

Parts are impregnated with antioxidants using vacuum technology throughout the depth;
Overall processing parameters Ф900х3500 mm;
Ideal axiality of the shafts, no runout;
The end element of the connecting unit is greed with the customer, possibly complete with sealing elements.

Graphite rotors

Selection of the rotor is carried out depending on the specifics of the technological process;
The distribution of gas is carried out throughout the bucket;
Management of the movement of the medium of the melt by adjusting the geometry of the rotor;
Impregnation with antioxidants to increase the service life.

Patented impellers

Impeller F2
Provides excellent mixing of molten metal with inert gas throughout the volume of the ladle
Impeller F2A
Improved F2 impeller design for increased turbulence
Impeller J8
An effective solution where degassing does not require strong eddies and flows
Impeller G1
Used for continuous degassing, works effectively when changing directions of rotation

Other graphite products for metallurgy

EuroGraphite offersthe manufacture of graphite consumables according to customer drawings, including the use of isostatic graphite and EDM graphite.

Production and technological capabilities

- Turning CNC: Ø 900 x 3500 mm 

- Milling CNC: 1270 x 610 x 720 mm 

- Grinding

- Drilling

Vacuum antioxidant impregnation, heat treatment
Allows the penetration of antioxidant crystals throughout the part, reducing the damaging effects of thermal stress and burnout.
Test site 
Modeling of the aluminum casting process and the possibility of conducting pilot tests at the factory stand.

About company

The EuroGraphite project was initiated by specialists in metallurgy and mechanical engineering with the aim of implementing R&D research in the field of graphite processing in industrial applications.
For a long time, our research with the support of the Technical University of Ostrava has been focused on improving the efficiency of using graphite electrodes and other carbon products.
Thanks to the successful results of R&D research and a lot of experimental work (for example, in the field of vacuum antioxidant impregnation, graphite dust granulation, the development of new graphite products), we are able to offer for the market innovative products for the metallurgical industry.

Based on the analysis of the initial data of your casting process, we will select the most effective solution in terms of the use of graphite products, help to simulate the refining process, manufacture parts and conduct pilot tests at the factory pilot site (if we are talking about the production of aluminum alloys).

Cooperation with EuroGraphite will help you to significantly improve the efficiency of graphite products, and reduce the cost of purchasing consumable spare parts.


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